Back in time again… to Shodoshima

Ok, so now I will take you back to Shodohshima again!
The filmingstudio location gone museum kinda deal…
I was getting hungry since I had been up so early. The hotel breakfast wasn’t very satisfying for me either, because it was primarily western style (go figure with no western guests??!!)
And a lot of the dishes were either meat or egg 🙁
so my breakfast this morning was some boiled carrots, boiled cabbage, sea weed salad and a cup of tea. Not very filling!
There were a few cafés at the studio grounds, and some had menus indicating some kind of food items ha ha
but when I stepped in one of the coffee shops, the staff either avoided eye contact, avoided me all together or did not see me.
I was obviously not there at the correct time. Saturday at noon, but not a single guest in any of the restaurants, so I just inferred that I was either too early or too late or plain foreigner whom they were too shy to serve.
I asked a younger guy but no we could not communicate, so I decided to try the restaurant I saw at the Shodoshima olive park museum, when going with the bus coming here to the museum.
After all there must be a bus going the reverse direction too, right??!
Let’s hope so!