October already – KoREDS/コレッズ & Kyassy

So the Pink Spider Web has been
flying around the globe
the past 3 months and tons of blogs have been queuing up as drafts.
NOW Life has returned to Tokyo and base camp is set up.
You can expect a major BLOG Explosion here the next coming days with tons of information about:

  • a NEW Pink Spider Web Project
  • The Travels around the globe
  • The Pink Spider Web site update coming up

and tons more…

Traveling is amazing but also challenging so let’s kickstart the next phase of The Pink Spider Web with the most recent LIVE gig video …
Yesterday in Ogikubo, Tokyo at The Club Doctor

KoREDS/コレッズ & Kyassy

“一人ぼっちの吉祥寺駅前” (by Shady Dolls)
Acoustic Live October 13, 2013 Club Doctor

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