Magic Date… and T.M.R.

Now what is this? 

Well, it’s far from ancient Asian fortune cookies, that’s for sure  –
it’s a modern day era American fortune cookie fortune.
You can read more about Fortune cookies here 

Well this post was certainly NOT going to be about the history and background of fortune cookies ha ha …
But rather about the MAGIC DATE – JUNE 4th 2011

I received this fortune March 4th, and it’s kind of funny because I always give these cookies away.
This one for some reason I opened and this was the paper note I found in it.
I kept it, and I even laminated it, and had it my wallet all spring.
Long before I went, and long before I had the trip planned out or any dates set.
So…Funny how things go, because when I got the fortune I didn’t know I was going to go to a LIVE Concert with T.M.Revolution or TMR for short.
I know I posted links about TMR before but here they are again.
TMR actually stands for ‘Takanori Makes Revolution’
and the guy behind the name takanori is actually
西川 貴教 Nishikawa Takanori or in Western order 
Takanori Nishikawa
He is a Japanese entertainer and singer.
He is truly loved for by many Japanese, as he also cares about the nation. Projects such as the Inazuma Rock Festival for the restoration of Lake Biwa, and now the latest Stand Up Japan project, make him more than an entertainer!
He is a hero and role model in a good looking body and with a heart that shows and glows!
And just to show HOW popular he is in Japan… he has 302 000 twitter  (June 2011) followers which is more than Gackt and Yoshiki from X-Japan have together!
Edit April 2017:
TMR 1,37 million followers on twitter
Gackt  817k followers on twitter
Yoshiki  420k followers on twitter
So still 2017 he beats their combined amounts.

OK so for me June 4th and the concert with Takanori was a BIG deal,
and now the DAY had finally come. I was happy that I had this wonderful grand finale of my time in Japan,
so I would have a PERFECT ending of the 3 weeks.
As I was riding the train through Yamanshi prefecture,
two fighting thoughts constantly reiterated in my mind….

!. THIS IS GREAT and I have so HIGH expectations for this DAY!
2. Keep the expectations down, or you will be so DISAPPOINTED

Wow it wasn’t easy to be me this day. I smiled and I cried.
Usually after 3 weeks vacation at any place one wants to go back home. Missing the bed, the pets, beloved family and friends, but NO ….
I did NOT want to go back to the US!

I wanted to stay in this landscape, in this country with all the wonderful people I had met, with all things pretty and sweet and kind…
and well yes I’m not realistic, ha ha I know but it doesn’t matter…
I CREATE my LIFE and this is how I wanted it to be today!
A fairytale like no other! I was on CLOUD NINE!
(Cloud nine or on cloud nine is an English expression meaning “euphoria” or “bliss and is also the name of an album by TMR 2011)

A LINK collection I suggest you read up on!

TMR – Lovely Takachan

X-JAPAN!!! #We are X!!!