Totally Different

Now something totally different – Chitsukkeeiirrenn
as they themselves transcribe  膣痙攣    and ha ha ha yeah go ahead and
‘google translate’ that one  LOL Welcome to Japan 😛

I would call this pure creativity and I will post a video, that is from youtube with them shortly. Maybe not for the faint hearted LMAO…
but I guarantee you that even if you find the video noisy or disturbing… you have to see them LIVE.
It’s plain awesome. I must admit I was skeptic before going but they are all very skilled musicians and I loved their performance.
Also it added to the evening’s enjoyment that they are very nice people  !

Bass : アキラ
Drum : シャモ
Drum : 南部輝久
Sax : 鈴木放屁
Piano : 天野ちひろ