With X help

Not much info in Romaji (alphabet) down here, but the platform info is 🙂
So I have left my baggage at the Mercure hotel and I’m on my way.
During my trip down to Miura Kaigan, I was connected with maps and tweets!
If it wasn’t for the excellent help by Michie,and many others (sitting in USA and helping me!!)
I probably wouldn’t have made it!
It really felt as if we did this together;
I was somewhat “blindfolded” due to language problems and Michie was like
whispering in my ear what to do next.
So many many of hide’s fans and X-Japan fans tagged along with me via twitter!
AMAZING!! Such a cool experience!
It was such a powerful WOW feeling, that is very hard to convey in a blog;
What a paradox: I was being so very alone in reality, yet at the same time
anything BUT ALONE, having the company and HELP of Michie and everyone else online in real time
Got to LOVE – X!!

#wearex #hide