No internet but great LIFE IRL

I cannot even upload videos or photos because the speed is too slow.
I sat here waiting for half an hour while it was loading still didn’t really load,
so for now I will just do some quick text updates.
I am very very fortunate to have met M in the spring because without
him my time here in Japan would have been a lot tougher
and probably almost impossible to accomplish as much as
I actually have.
Today we went down to Miura Reien.
It was the first time for both M and Nicoles to actually visit the cemetery.
Just like last time this place is magic and makes a lot of sensory impacts.
I saw a butterfly right at his “grave” and “knew” he knows we’re visiting.
Then upon leaving I also so a gorgeous spider web in the evening sun,
and I really hope I will be able to upload that photo here soon!
Soon soon I will have my own place, my own computer,
and then I will be able to SHARE more wth you.

For NOW I want to feel the LOVE for music and for LIFE
The LOVE that I feel and I really HOPE you all can feel too!