Up and Down at Bic Camera

My juice pack (the mophie brand , a portable battery and protective case ) had broken when the phone fell dangling from a desk early on my trip,
so I was in desperate need of a new one.
Matsue did not sell much like that and before in Nagasaki it was raining.
Eh no correction; it was FALLING water from an open sky!
So no prior luck in getting the battery and in several occasions I have been worried that I was about to run out if battery.
Well here in Osaka one can find everything. After some complicated inquiring at the Apple store, I set out to find Bic camera ( yes that’s really their name
Now next problem, finding out WHERE in this multi-floored building one can find the portable batteries.
First look at 3F .. That’s where the girl said to go for cell phones and cell phone
accessories! BUT no luck .
After some language issues were solved I went down a floor,
and another one,
BACK to information.
Not an English speaking soul in sight and my Japanese is still after 1,5 weeks insufficient!!