Wonderful Performance

My Beloved Vagu*Project pulled yet another wonderful performance tonight Oct 21, 2012 at Shinjuku Wild Side !

Dear Vagu*Project: YuI-san, Ryo-san and Shinya-san, I LOVE YOU guys!  ♡ 

Oh and talking about LOVE ….Tonight I got an Aha-moment, one of those Eurekas….

Well I guess I have been thinking about ot for a while, and it pops up in my awareness now and then, but tonight it was so specially salient that I even remembered to write about it 😉

This is what’s been on my mind…

There are two kinds of bands, well there are many kinds of bands of course, but from the perspective of LOVE, I often find that there are two kinds of bands.
1.There are bands who are up on stage that radiates a sense of:

“DEAR audience, we Love YOU!”

2.Then there are bands that when up on stage seems to send a message stating something like:

“Dear audience, Love US!”

Thinking about what some of the bands I like here in Japan have in common (especially while on stage) it’s exactly that first kind of statement.
Seeing Vagu*Project, DAZZLE!, VoRCHAOS, and even more known artists like MIYAVI, Ra:IN, X Japan etc etc...they all have that;


AND that is part of their Charisma, their entertainment bonus that makes them special, that makes one like them, not only for their skills, the music and their all over talent…

I have seen many bands that ‘yes, I like their music’, but to go beyond that,
I think for me personally at least, going to a Live gig and see a band that transmits that second feeling is somewhat of a turn-off, and even if I can like the music they play, it’s NOT the same mutual LOVE feeling…. and hence it’s NOT that total WOW!... it can be impressive yes… but not that: I LOVE YOU TOO…. since there is no real too, but more of a ‘Dear band, you might be good but you have an attitude issue’ or
‘Dear band, You dont come across as having a passion for what you do!’

Then again…. we are all different as audience as well, and for some of you this might not matter much…I f the Music is good, if the BAND ROCK YOUR way then all is good.

No judging or evaluation here between differences is values and rationals or emotions.

Anyway this is Vagu*Project from earlier tonight, 10-21-2012 at Shinjuku Wild Side.

‘C Over’ Please enjoy!