Monday Morning & Miura

Jonathan stayed up late working on his presentation, and Ami didn’t feel too good,
so I wasn’t sure whether I was going to knock on their door, or if they had changed their plans and wanted to sleep later.
I decided in the end, I had to ask, it was 7.30 am already and time for them to leave.
The result was that they had actually overslept!
Luckily I was ready to go, and by now I really knew my way down to the station. I bid them a quick farewell and headed out to the train station.
This day was ` VERY SPECIAL day and that’s why I wanted to give it this special little text intro!
It will probably take a while to complete this very emotional blog,
about this very special day, and I know that I wont be able to finish it before my next flight
( I’m currently sitting between flights at Phoenix, Arizona waiting to board a flight to Orlando, Florida) .
The goal for this last Monday in May ( a Memorial Day to remember forever)
was to visit a grave/memorial site in Miura.
The Miura peninsula is located south of Yokohama, and I had booked a hotel room in Yokosuka.
Yokosuka is for most people rather unknown, and mostly infamous for the American naval base and the rowdy behavior of the sailors in the port.
Yokosuka was also the home of Matsumto Hideto or ‘hide’ for years.
Or if you are on a regular computer just google or wiki the name!
I must say that on this special day, I was NOT alone!
With me was Michie and MANY friends around the globe!
Now I have to log out and tell you more at another time cause it is time to board the flight to Florida