A Picture is worth a thousand words

Miura Kaigan -> Miura Reien – the bus ride.
I didn’t walk everywhere, sometimes I took a bus 😉
By now I thought I knew it all ha ha Silly tourist.
The bus driver didn’t speak a word of English and I just trusted myself understanding fee
and station stops sign in the front of the bus, so I would know when to get off.
When the bus arrived at the end station the bus driver looked at me with a mixture of question on his face and a matter-of-fact-look that said:
‘this is it’ ! What now?!
I asked him about Miura Reien – he did not understand.
I asked him about Matsumoto hide and X-Japan – he did not understand!
Luckily I was still connected and Michie said on twitter – show him a photo of ‘hide’
and so I did
I have one as a screen saver on the phone so that was easy!
Bus driver’s whole face lit up and he gestured to me to sit down again.
The video is from early on this little ride at the first, and only turn, the bus makes out from Miura Kaigan train station … on to the road that follows the shore line!
What a beautiful day with blue skies!
Oh and click on the little square in the bottom right corners of all videos to get a fuller view!