Meguro Live Station 6-6 2012

Wednesday night at the Live Station had a line up to my likings… I was familiar with 3 of the 4 bands who were going to be up this night.

Vorchaos/ Vagu*Project / SUICIDE SQUAD/ DAZZLE!

As you all might know, the only band  haven’t heard before was Vorchaos. Unfortunately  I had some camera issues during Vorchaos’ performance, so the photos above are both from Vorchaos website and credits go to them (please click on images for a full view):


At the LIVE I got so impressed by their instrumental skills, that I just had to buy their Single “not ONLY ONE”

and here is my little clip of the first track of it …. Don’t you agree; this is som good fast metal music ?!


if you want to here more, and longer tracks, you can go to their own Soundcloud page


Why did I like them, well primarily I think it was, as I started this blog writing, their instrumental skill. Each one of them definitely has advanced skills handling their instrument including the vocalist [ definitely consider the voice being an instrument].

Second, the speed impressed me, to maintain the quality with this kind of speed is difficult, hence professional. Also they came across as a unity, a band which acted as a team, both on and OFF stage…. and I like that! The drummer ‘Ushi’ joined the band fairly recently, I was told after the live, which impressed me even more…in a relatively short time they managed to get him in, on it and with it… that’s good team work! A very important success factor for a band one can assume.


淳 (Vocal)
Kaz (Guitar,Vocal)
yuzo (Guitar,Chorus)
Fuji (Bass)
Masashi “USHI” Ushijima (Drums)

I hope to hear more from this band and will definitely follow them along. If you are interested in their Single CD you can contact them http://vorchaos.com/vorchaos_contact.html

and yes, you can write in English if you don’t command Japanese, because as an added bonus drummer speaks perfect English m/…(^.^)…m/

and NO, I don’t ever act on behalf of bands, this is solely my opinions on this blog and when I like something, that’s what I write… just in case anyone missed that LOL