Beautiful MATSURI – Reds☆ 人間の証明

This song is one of The Pink Spider Web’s favorite songs

Proof of the Man (人間の証明) is a Japanese film from 1977
The theme song, entitled Ningen no Shōmei no Tēma, with the line
“Mama, do you remember” was a chart hit for Joe Yamanaka, selling 517,000 copies, and reaching number 2 on the Oricon chart in Japan.

It’s such a beautiful song and Reds☆ (Vo. AURA) often sings this at solo performances
At MATSURI he performed it accompanied by
佐藤勝城 Katsuhiro Sato, 西田竜一 Ryuichi ‘Ryu‘ Nishida on drums,
安藤淳平 Andoh Junpei on Bass,  and 松原ひろし Hiroshi Matsubara on Keyboard
The result was lovely!!