Lost… or not?

So I stepped off the ferry into some kind of port village.
Ugly place actually, and I felt like I stepped back a hundred years or so in time.
I walked and I walked… Not many people in the streets and shops were still closed.
Spooky almost
Occasionally some older people planting and caring for their flowers outside their houses. Then out of nowhere I stumbled across a younger couple at what looked like a bus stop.
I asked if the bus was going to the Shodashima town and they nodded and said: bus yes. Clueless as to how one buys a ticket, I hopped on the bus and hoped for the best.
The bus had a really smart ticketing system with zones and the further you go the more zones it adds up. (Look at photos later)
After about half an hour, or maybe an hour… I was thinking:
I must be in that town already, so I turned on the GPS, and well I was waaaay past that town ha ha
So I decided to continue and a little over an hour later a bunch of people hopped off the bus, so I thought it must be a good place to get off!
Really clueless I followed the tiny crowd and there was a ticket window.
I paid the entrance fee and went inside, because after all nothing else was around there anyway!
Inside was a beautiful stream with fish and some old looking buildings.
I was wandering around trying to think and come up with an idea of just what kind of place this was.
About half an hour later I found pamphlet and it had sone text in English !!! Yay!
I had ended up at the ” Twenty Four Eyes Movie Studio Museum!!”
I just hopped back on the bus, intending to get off at the olive garden we passed on our way here.
I noticed there was a coffeeshop and restaurant there. I’m starving and hope to be able to get something to eat.
Now I will post some photos from this adventure….