Forward thru Rewinding

Looking forward thru some rewinding……….


It is September…. finally!!


This summer has been as slow as the last one when it comes to the blog. Looking at it from the bright side, that (the slowness that is) should then change pretty soon.  

A FUN filled fall is planned and will soon be here
My concert and gig calendar is filled, and even over-saturated. There are many times this fall when I will have to choose between several gigs going on at the same time at different places.
Unfortunately cloning is, as of yet, not a possibility

People often talk about different super powers such as: teleporting and time travel. My biggest wish would be a temporary cloning. So I could go see two (or more) gigs at different locations, at the same time. That power seems however, even more remote than teleporting  à la“beam me down the Star Trek way”.

OK So what’s coming up?

Well first of all I’m still in Europe. In Sweden as a matter of fact. There hasn’t been tons of Live music over the summer either. As a matter of fact I have only been to two gigs these past two months. Once for Seremedy Live at Fryshuset and their release of their debut album:
“Welcome to our MADNESS”.
More about them on their website –
or their facebook:


Then under the blue moon, the very last night in August I went to KGB bar in Stockholm to see INORAN.


So the header said let’s rewind….

let’s go back a year… this is what met me then a year ago!
Welcome to Japan….

First time I had great help from my friend Shingo-san
He showed me everything there is to see in Tokyo as well as taught me a lot about Japanese culture and the Japanese mindset, primarily from his own perspective.
He also tagged along to a special night… anight that came to be a turning point for my time in Japan in many ways: the Live at Urawa Narciss with Seremedy


It was of course a wonderful thing to see Swedish guys being so brave as to perform here in Japan, but what really turned my personal path around that night was the band that performed right after Seremedy….

….. to be continued in a moment….