Location, Orientation, Direction

This is where …
NIrasaki, Yamanashi Prefecture, is pretty much straight west of Tokyo.
You can locate Mt. Fuji Southeast of Nirasaki (Like at 5 o’clock) on the map.
So, Why did I decide to go and see TMR here in NIrasaki of all places?
Good question, and I really cannot say it was a conscious decision,
but something my ‘gut feeling’ told me to do.
When I tried to get tickets, this place and DATE seemed to be good.
That and the message from the
The fortune cookie ghost … !! 
I wanted to have a GREAT last evening in JAPAN!
And I just knew, intuitively, that doing this would be good.
Also I kind of sensed that his intention with going out to smaller venues,
like this one,  was probably because he wanted to reach out!
And this kind of reaching out would probably mean a more intimate meeting with the audience than let’s say a huge concert at one of the bigger Tokyo venues for example, Zepp Tokyo  or Shibuya AX,
because of the very nature of the location – in this case Nirasaki.
I’m sorry I am teasing you with telling all this about the evening’s concert
and yet first I have to retell that particular DAY! June 4th.
So far I had taken the train from Shinjuku, Tokyo to Nirasaki…
all on map here.
Now let’s see how I spent the rest of this day, before the concert…