The admin and business part of the Pink Spider Web

LIVE gigs are FUN… but sometimes the other side of this business has to be done too!

As some of you know, soon this blog will be part of a bigger venture:
“the Pink Spider Web”
and well it takes time and time and time… and coffee… YES, tons of COFFEE, but also a Bailey’s sometimes.
Creativity is always part of the process, even while doing administrative paper work!
The BEST coffee in Tokyo, you will find here at my favorite Café –
Coffee Crevice  in Sangubashi, Shibuya ku…

Tomorrow, May 16th, I will go and do some much needed shopping in Shimokitazawa, but then Thursday is another LIVE gig! 

Never Ending Story….  it is 6 am and I am about to eat some dinner, or is it lunch or breakfast… who knows, it’s meal time !