Life with Live gigs… and Koenji Mission’s Hard Drunk Strip

So for the past 11 days I have been to 11 Live gigs….
(one night I switched venue mid-evening, so yes there was one night without a gig).

This means that I have had absolutely no time to process photos and videos in between.
I take approximately between 300-500 photos each night,
so the work accumulates very fast and BIG time.

On top of it I’m trying to continue the development of this site so you all can enjoy the full site in the future.
Tonight and tomorrow are the two last nights out and about around Live gigs and the Golden Week, amazing one at that, is soon over.

Until I can take some time next week to look through all the photos and videos, I wanted to share with you the Final Fun last night where everyone is up on stage just having FUN!

It’s PARTY time with Adelheid, CLACK-NASH, Moneyqueen,  BRUNET BULL…. enjoy…

so hang in there and there will be photos/ videos from
VoRCHAOS, MYPROOF, Elüpia, Slave Sisters, QUORUM, Keiko Walker, Adelheid, CLACK-NASH, Moneyqueen,  BRUNET BULL….and MORE!!!