Lemon, Pink, Spider and an iPad

LEMONed I Scream

So IF I travel with an iPad2 while blogging a PINK SPIDER blog,
then I need a cover for it that is LEMONed: For those of you that feel totally lost right now, don’t worry, this is in reference to
hide (Matsumoto) ex-member of X-Japan, who is frequently present in this blog and who is the inspirational source for me to move on and leave my web.
For those of you who do know, or think you might know what he intended, no worries! I will do a bungy kind of JUMP and BOUNCE right back up… or well one never truly knows!

One day, I was walkin’ down the streets

Looking for anything, Any surprise
Feel like a treasure game on a rainy day
Then it happened suddenly
I saw, I saw
And there it was fallin’ down into my feet
Then, you know, it had something spiney head,And I was gonna touch it
Then I got the pain, My fingers painted in blood, but I feel so fine.
Nobody could find out,but I knew, I saw.
I don’t care. If nobody can love it, oh yeah
Because Ah hahahaha
I’ve got a feelin’ in my hand
It’s a lemon lemoned I scream !

One day, I was walkin’ the street,Lookin’ for the music , any surprise.
Then it happened suddenly
I hear, I hear
I don’t care.
Everybody so Hate it, Hate it
Because Ah hahaha
I’ve got a sweet poison cake, gonna be high
Take me higher higher
I’ve got a sweer creature song,
It’s a lemon, lemon lemon & I scream
I’ve got a sweet broken hearted machine
but I like it, like it
Oh, what a sweet monster people
It’s a lemon, lemon, lemoned I scream!


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