PAINFUL departure

Leaving Tokyo was emotionally painful..but I was looking forward to some sunshine and warmer weather in the US. LAX had gorgeous spring weather and here today it was a nice +15C/+59F and I felt hope for spring and thawing my core… until I had this sudden realization tonight, that NO, this is New Mexico and yes, temperatures can drop, and weather can change especially over night….
I’m becoming so intolerant for this yucky frozen wetness and I really dont like it, especially not without proper winter clohtes. NOT Much sense in buying any either since Im leaving in less than 2 weeks going to Australia and in April when I come back to Japan it will not be horrors like winter temperatures anymore…
I really think that part of my agony has to do with the fact that I don’t have clothes for this.
I do soooooo NOT like this!
Sorry for the whine, but now I regret ever complaining about the cold temps in Tokyo!!