Entering Laos

Laos – Visa forms.
I am now in Laos.
I entered the Thai-Laos border over the Friendship Bridge midday
today November 10th.
There’s wi-fi here at the youth hostel, but it is very slow, and probably
way to slow for any video uploads!
Tomorrow we (I and my friend Poob) are leaving Vientiane to
go to Vang Vieng.
Now I’m thirsty and have a slight headache. Vientiane is probably
the dirtiest place I have ever visited. Not indoors an not at restaurants,
but the town smells like one giant exhaust pipe, fuming out
carbon-monoxide in big white steel-gray foggy clouds,
and it STINKS!
On top of it you plow yourself through litter in the streets…
Garbage …
Pics will be forthcoming!