Kyoji Yamamoto, Michiaki & Grico

Kyoji Yamamoto, Michiaki, and Grico at Club Sensation Jan 21, 2012

Already before going tonight I had great respect for Kyoji Yamamoto;
not only because of his divine guitar playing, but also because he is tremendously
kind and responsive to his fans for example on Facebook.
He also posts beautiful photos,  so yes I have great respect for him.
After tonight though… I’m at loss of words.
And wait there’s more…
Not only is he awesome on guitar His voice is good too!! He truly uses his voice as
an instrument.
This evening was so fulfilling in so many ways, and again I can say:
This was the best live gig I have heard in my life!
Yeah, I  know I have many of those….
but it really was yet another best one!!!  lol
Michiaki Suzuki is the owner of Club Sensation in Yokohama, as well as the bassist
in Ra:IN