Kyoji Yamamoto 山本恭司

Kyoji Yamamoto @KyojiTWJ – 山本恭司 at Club Sensation May 5th

There are gigs and there are GIGS!!!
As much as I love Vagu*Project !!,
and as much as really enjoyed the creativity at Urga, and the experimental nature and “breaking rules” for what we generally consider being music with Chitsukkeeiirrenn ….
when it comes to music few have managed to get me so moved as Kyoji-san playing guitar and singing….

Kyoji Yamamoto
 made life break the “100% good life barrier” by his divine guitar playing and a voice the filled the musical universe and everyone’s heart at Club Sensation 
Add to that Michiakion bass and Grico on drums… and well you just cannot get a more perfect night than this… 
… actually there is the absolutely perfect sound, their charismatic and contagious smiles… All 3 ‘on stage’ seemed so HAPPY … which in turn made a very happy audience …and then there was the FULL MOON,
and sweet professional staff at Club Sensation as well… so PERFECTION in all the freedom of a jam of this kind
As CUTT-san said last week (see blog below)… “break the barriers” …. this sure breaks down all walls between cultures, languages and places.
This is what life is about when it is at its very very BEST!
Divine orgasmic kind of MUSIC that’s speaks directly to the HEART without passing any filters….
More photos from this AWESOME Saturday at Club Sensation will be up tomorrow…

and sorry about a chronologically messed up blog…

The blog below was from the LIVE on Wednseday and then Vagu*Project, Aresz and Back Fire was actually on Friday and now this one with Kyoji-san was at Club Sensation Saturday night….