Train Struggles

Kichijoji – the red pin is kichijoji station along the Chuō line
and the blue pin is where my apartment is located.

Thursday morning I set out to meet Yuka in Kichijoji for lunch,
park walk and possibly more.
First thing that happened was a second train mishap for me in Japan.
This one a lot less time consuming than my Ōsaka ‘detour’
a few weeks back LOL
What happened was that when I came in from Sangubashi to
Shinjuku station, switching from Odakyu line (private)
to Chuō line,  which is one of JRs many lines,
I did not triple check the platform info.
Sangubashi is blue pin
Kichijoji station is red pin
Nakano and Shinjuku stations are pink dots.

I knew the line and the direction, and found it on the line chart.
Stepped on a train in the correct direction, listening to hide,
not really paying attention to other passengers.
People got on and people got off,
when suddenly my brain shouted louder than
song that was playing:
” WAIT a minute!!! What’s going on NOW??”
The train had suddenly changed direction, and was going back from
where we came and yet I still had many stations still to go
in order to reach Kichijoji!!
I got off the next station and realized that train only went that far,
and I needed one that went further.
Next train came in the correct direction I hopped on,
and made it really went all the way to Kichijoji,
but still utterly confused!
It wasn’t until today (Friday) I actually realized what went wrong!
At Shinjuku station, there are actually two platforms, as in 4 tracks
(quite far away from each other) for the Chuō line!
One is for local traffic only, and one is for the rapid service.
Some of the local trains don’t go any further west than to Nakano.
Today when I went all the way out to Hachioji (way out west on the Chuo line)
I realized all this , and went directly to rapid service platform.
By the way the local trains stop at every single station,
and it takes quiet a long time if you have a distance to go.
For the best train schedule service online: