Keiko Walker at The Club Sensation April 29th

Beautiful Keiko Walker…..


04-29-13 Keiko Walker

The Club Sensation in Yokohama , I love this place for so many reasons.
Here is yet another one; the beautiful Keiko Walker.
She has as gorgeous voice as she is pretty, and yes, her personality matches too;
sweet and kind.
And when she sings… I get goose bumps….
Her voice is so special because it’s not that common in Japan to hear this kind of female rocks, it has power of that special bluesy-power-from-within-kind.
and then she also plays that guitar as if it is an extension of the same musical source embodied within her.


On Guitar 山口玉三郎 – Tamasaburo Yamaguchi

04-29-13 Keiko Walker at Club Sensation

Pretty woman – with a wonderful Voice!

04-29-13 Grico

On drums  Grico 富岡

042913 Keiko Walker and Angelina

and of course….
we all LOVE Angelina…. precious Angelina…..

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