KAZ Test


VoRCHAOS 吉祥寺Crescendo  November 24, 2012

I will post more photos from ALL the recent live gigs… promise and I’m working on it !
BUT while working on the images I do come across some photos that I just feel the urge to share right away..
Here are two of those… KAZ-san a totally AMAZING guitarist.…and he gets better every time I see them on stage…which ought to be impossible rather soon…
They are ALL skilled, they really are, and part of the reason why I like them so much.

Keep you eyes open I will post a few sound clips for you guys, so even if you are not in Japan you will have a chance to hear them. I’d say check back here no later than Friday (11-30) and it should be up ..
Meanwhile I will continue to work on the images….
There has been many live gigs lately (tonight I went to see HERNIA_44 another AWESOMEband!)
and tomorrow it’s time for Vagu*Project again (just 4 days later….!!!
I barely have time to transfer all photos from the camera to the computer, let alone edit them for publishing….
Anyway …. here is KAZ-san VoRCHAOS 

and here you can read about him and the other members: