I just sat here and thought about the lovely day in Kamakura.

LIFE is soooo full of surprises and the one thing with surprises,
is just that:
one is CLUELESS as to WHAT one is going to get and WHEN!!

This day in Kamakura I was carefree and happy, and I had NO expectations, and I think that is my key word tonight.
I’m suddenly having expectations which are growing into desires.
Those are tough to deal with, because no matter how much I tell myself
to knock it off and be realistic, I can’t help but to dream and desire.
Anyway, this day in Kamakura I still felt pure, simple and not yet touched
by expectations and desires.
Also, I’m very HAPPY tonight because the people at the Apple store in Shibuya were able to help me recover ALL the photos and videos!
A huge thanks to Takashi Sato at the Apple store,
who at some point in his life decided to learn English!
Without you this blog would not have seen this, or many other photos
or videos that were temporally gone!