Another amazing multi-dish dinner

Just so you all are warned yet another fascination by me….
Another Japanese set course dinner ha ha
As you all can imagine, I was hungry.
A non-existing early breakfast (except for black coffee) and getting up at 6.15 am and then a very early lunch, nah probably more of a breakfast considering the time (around 10 am) in Okayama
Then nothing, more than water on the train until I arrived at hotel around 5 PM.
I was hungry and actually mentally tired. Also I’m still dizzy.
Yesterday I thought the dizziness was due to the boat trip, but I’m starting to suspect I get dizzy when I get off the bullet trains as well?!
Don’t know but it’s exactly like being sea sick kind of whaling back and forth …

So a lazy mind, dizzy, hungry and tired, I went down with the elevator to the bottom floor which houses three different restaurants. The Japanese one served this special Nagasaki set course dinner!
During the Shogunate times, when Japan was closed to the outside world,
only Nagasaki port was open!
Here came the only influences from the world beyond Japan.
This meant that food and ingredients came from China and the Netherlands.
So here we go again with the cluelessness regarding what I’m about to eat.
First course in a soup…