Hide Memorial

Just ONE image from today ( because I’m without Wi-Fi)

What a DAY! Emotional, spiritual, musical, united with X and hide fans around the WORLD,
because of the LOVE for music that came from a rocking hard heart!
Later when I get myself in order and when I have good Wi-Fi
(OR when I’m back in the US with a lot higher data traffic allowance),
I will post about this day in detail, and make a special WEB PAGE for how to find your way around here in Yokosuka and Miura, with trains and buses and the walk to and on the ‘cemetery’ !
Amazingly enough the BLUE sky came through right at those hours when I was up there. It’s a beautiful location for a cemetery because you feel like you are really right halfway between the sky and the earth, and at Ocean
Wow I’m actually rather speechless and very very tired now!
Michie’s star is in place and hide received it!
And my pink spider for him to wear is there too (I gave him one of my pink spider crystal earrings).
Now life still goes on for me, (even if it felt like it shouldn’t have past May 1998);
I’m still here and i will KICK the best out of the last 5 days in Japan.
Last days, for this time that is!