It was quite a complex project to get to Miura Kaigan from Bubaigawara.
Maybe not for Tokyoites who are used to all the different train lines,
and the line-hopping!
Anyway, I wanted to check in at the hotel in Yokosuka first, so I didn’t have to drag any baggage out to the cemetery.
Leaving at 7.30 in the morning was a good strategy !
First I took the non-JR line (Keio line) from Bubaigawara to Shinjuku.
Then swapping to JR (Japan Rail) going from Shinjuku station to Yokohama
and next from Yokohama to Yokosuka.
This photo is where I got off and walked from Yokosuka JR station to “The Mercure” (which is the hotel I can now rate, after being back in the US, as the WORST hotel during my whole trip!)
I was not yet aware of this though and walked with a big SMILE on my face…
Actually being in Yokosuka felt kind of surreal …
Several times during the trip I felt like I was part of my own dream; A dream that I created as I went along.
Small details like buddhas or bodhisattvas lining my way, naturally added to this effect!