Matsue Castle

I got off the loop bus at Matsue castle. I will not copy and paste from any pamphlets, |
I’m sure you can google information. It was absolutely worth a stop, even though it was quiet strenuous to get up to it.
First stone stairs, then more stairs, and the lastly when you entered the old wooden castle you had to walk up really steep staircases that were more like ladders.
Also like in most places, that are cared for, in Japan, no shoes on.
So its smart to wear easy in and out kind of shoes and socks.
There are lockers if you want to lock up your shoes and belongings while in the castle.
Matsue also has this deal, that if you bring your passport you get to pay a reduced entrance fee! Matsue is very tourist friendly overall.
There are a couple of cafes in the castle vicinity and the park is lovely for a stroll !