I am here – iPhone

I don’t know how I was able to travel before my iPhone?!
Direction, maps and maybe most important: the gps function that let’s me know where I am.
It has been costly yes, but I think that many of the detours (of the more adventurous kind) during this 3 week trip probably wouldn’t have mapped without it!
Here is the location of the hotel in Osaka, another cool feature on the iPhone :
the instant screen shot! Used it often often on this trip as well.
Here in Osaka I checked in Thursday May 26th and had set up a meeting point with Pam again. I was actually looking forward to be able to have a communication / dialogue with someone again! Weeks of silence traveling alone can get to you.
Traveling in a country where you don’t understand the language is a very special experience and totally new to me.
I also felt super serious and felt like I needed a break to just be mundane and relax without unspoken must-do’s and should-do’s…,
So a relaxing time in Osaka it is….