Off the Bus

Hunger was now becoming slightly annoying, so I gave up the eating at the filming grounds idea.
NOTHING else was around, absolutely nothing more than the bus stop, and a few empty parking lots!
So I decided to jump on a bus going the opposite direction … BUT nothing should be easy today ha ha I was at a peninsula of the Sshodoshima island so this was like a turning point for buses going both directions. Add to it , the confusion of left lane traffic!
I had to ask … Not a very successful idea.. but thank you again dear iPhone!
I showed the map where the ferry had taken me this morning and sure, a nod later and I was on my way again!
After a while I recognized the huge white museum-look-a-like building on the hill which I recalled having a restaurant sign… So i pressed the “I want to get off the bus now button”.
Several people started asking me long sentences in Japanese, but I was clueless…
I just could not get it … Until I just AFTER I got off…
NO one else did and THAT should have informed me about my mistake,
but NO I was hungry and hot and thirsty.
So I got off – at the BOTTOM of the hill!!!!!
Nothing there but this stone Tori looking statue and a hill straight up for about a km and SUN shine without shade to be found!
I walked up that hill (photo a few pages back and rested FREQUENTLY!) and in the end was rewarded with shade, food and water