Incense, happiness and birthday


hide’s BIRTHDAY at MIURA Reien Dec 13th 2011

I have never seen this many people here before.
Nor have I seen this many flowers.
The incense fragrance was so lovely,
incense often gives me a sense of PEACE, but today the feeling
I felt was actually happiness,
I noticed a few of the people in the line were crying,
but for some reason I have never cried up here.
I have been angry, yes, and I took a huge decision to leave my life
as I knew it… right here….
I decided to JUMP my web right at this very SPOT!

Maybe that is why I felt HAPPINESS today up here,
because I felt hide smiling too.
I jumped and he inspired me.. I did it!!
It’s time for a rocking BIRTHDAY PARTY tonight…
something I wouldn’t have been able to attend, if it wasn’t for
my first visit here (now a little over 6 months ago, and this is
now my 4th visit).