hide’s aura

hide  birthday at Miura Reien 2011

now after a night being all happy and wired at Narciss December 12th,
Keep in mind the reason Vagu*Project captured my heart:
The reason was at that the first time I saw Vagu*Project live I felt
hide’s presence…. we ALL felt it!!
My heart almost stopped that evening, and when we left that that night,
I remember asking my friends…
did you feel that? Sense that? See that? hmmm that….
that … … …?

… and the reply came fast… yeah, you mean hide?!

The Vagu guitarist Shinya who just has ”IT”
there is Something about him….the way he moves, acts, moves his eyes.
and YuI who radiates the mentally.. emotions… like wordlessly exhales
hide’s spirit.
NO, Shinya, the guitarist , does not look like hide.
He doesn’t even have crazy Visual Kei make up like the other two,
nor is he sporting some kind of hide wannabe   outfit…
YET he has something like an hide manners and body language,
YuI, the vocalist has the hide aura

He too doesn’t look like hide physically…
it is impossible to explain in any other way.
Shinya somehow behaves like hide. the way he treats his pick,
the way he looks at the others while playing,
YuI feels like he has an aura around him which is hide’s.
Shinya also plays in a band called
中国釣具店 (Chinese Fishing Tackle Store)
Shinya no longer does. He is now regular member in Vagu*Project

Anyway the transition is there
HIDE is the transition…
My physical transition from Vagu*Projects live to the cemetery was
however rapid, brutal and unkind ha ha ha
(and later that got some undesired consequences).
I got back home in decent time from Urawa (it’s quite a distance up in
Saitama prefecture, Northern metropolitan area of Tokyo.. suburbs)
but then I just had to rip the Vagu*Projects CDs,  and listen and
enjoy it all over again and share it here on te blog, and with my
beloved friend and all kinds of energizing activities instead of going
to rest and sleep.
Plus I had to research train schedules and maps for a bit of complicated
travel on December 13th
Having no internet on the phone is beyond frustrating ..
OK so bottom line… I got in bed a tad late for getting up at 9-ish..
needed to catch a train from here at 9.50 am
I did get up but not at 9 , but it was at 9-ish at least.

Getting down to Miura Reien was the easy part!
Done this before now.. felt like a pro.. ha ha

Departed around 10.10 am I think..
I don’t recall now if I left at 10 or 10.10 and that really doesn’t matter,
because going down there is no match.
Even the trick that JR has played on me before at Shinjuku Station
didn’t throw me off this time! ha ha ha
I take Odakyu line from home to Shinjuku then there one needs to catch
for example Shonan Shinjuku line to go to Yokohama.

Train leaves at JR Shinjuku Station Track number 1 BUT….
now this is the trick..
nowhere does it say in English that it is run via Tokaido line!!
So you just have to know the characters for Yokohama 横浜
and generally know what you are doing ha ha and look at the time,
and the schedule and the signs for the correct departure.

Yes I have never really told you much, or whined about, the fact
that life in Japan can be rather challenging at times.
This particular day had its fair share of mishaps because of it!
Anyway from home to Shinjuku, Shinjuku to Yokohama,
in Yokohama onto Keio line to go down to Miura Kaigan

NB: I used another way when I explained how to get down there
in the BLOG from this spring way back on this Blog now…
THAT other way is essential if you travel on a JR pass and want to
use it as much as u can, because
the JR Pass is not valid on the Keio line!!

Then the BUS from Miura Kaigan to Miura Reien, which I really
don’t even know the number of anymore…  I just steer to the right when
exiting the station and the bus stop (nr 2 I think it says on the Bus stop ha
but check with this blog on earlier posts before you jump on any bus by chance.
You can use search features for tags here on the PSW blog).

Then the beautiful shore I always have to stop a moment, or a
few minutes before leaving the ocean behind. Even this day even though
the crowd today lines up like a hide and X-inspired snake up the path.
I don’t think I was mentally prepared for that fact either!
The “so-many-people-there-today” deal.
Of course I realized this before leaving for Miura on his birthday,
but didn’t quite get it until I was there.
Personally as much as it is cool and fun to go up there with a friend,
I must recommend going there alone.
To stand looking out at that ocean and listening to hide’s voice
just grabs my heart every time! The boats up on the shoreline.
The fishing nets….