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The Pink Spider Web announces

Great NEWS!

Portal Opening








This site, The Pink Spider Web, is a web portal….. and…. The time has come to



the portal doors a little more

First of all, you might have encountered “members only area”
here on the Pink Spider Web
with a message looking something like this:

You are required to login to view this page.
Remember me
Lost your password?

This is not entirely true but is a way for The PSW
to lock certain areas before they are ready to launch.

We are opening the Pink Spider Web one phase at the time


WELCOME to check out our Venue department

There are two ways to help you finding your ways in Tokyo to the correct venue.

You have a ticket in your hand (or in mind) and you know the name of the Venue
but don’t know the exact location.
In this case Go to the alphabetical list and search for your venue.

Here is a direct link to the alphabetical Venue list for
Metropolitan Tokyo
including some venues in
Kanagawa (including Yokohama), Chiba and Saitama.

The Pink Spider Web Alphabetical Venue List
Clicking on a venue link will give you necessary information such as:

  • A link to the venue’s own home page
  • A link to a google map entry
  • The venue’s phone number and email address
  • Closest train station(s)
  • Name of place or area 

If you cannot find the venue you are looking for immediately, maybe try an alternative way
for example The Club Sensation is listen under “C” but not under T (The)
We are working on doubling up such entries so the can be found under both.
Some places are listed with place name included such as:
Shibuya Duo is listed under “S” others are not
for example Tokyo Wild Side is under “W” as WIld Side Tokyo
If you cannot find a venue at all please send as an email


This scenario is a little different.
This is for visitors to Metropolitan Tokyo who know where they are (at least approximately or have a street address)
but do not what’s around in the neighborhood
Click on the ku or prefecture you are in and you will come to a detailed google search map with all listed venues in that area.
The map is a Special Pink Spider Venue Google Map with all regular google features such as zooming and panning with
Pins for all venues! Amazing isn’t it?

The Map views are divided into the following areas:
Map – Tokyo 23 Wards
Map – Western Tokyo
Map – Kanagawa Prefecture
Map – Chiba Prefecture
Map – Saitama Prefecture

Let us also tell you a little bit about the upcoming Portal features….

The menu item called Bands/Artists
will feature a long list of (mostly) active artists and bands in Japan,
and a few select foreign bands with a JRock image, style or soundscape,
or in some other way related to Japan.
The focus has primarily been on Visual Kei bands and metal bands.
The reason for this is that both these genres have very distinct fan bases across the globe who are active as communities online.
We hope that everyone here will find links to their favorite artists as well as make new discoveries.
For each band entry you will find a short summary about the band and a link to their own official homepage or blog, and where applicable: their twitters and Facebook

Tokyo Rocks will be select featured articles related to JRock and JFashion
and be a guide tourism book for rockers visiting Japan.
Where are the best Rock shops, the cool eateries and most rocking bars…

“The Vibe” will consists of 2 parts
1. For musicians only and be a restricted to ‘members’ only.
2. Open for everyone and here you can find tickets to that special gig, or sell your hide plushie or find a place to crash…etc etc

For now we also recommend a visit and a ‘like’ to follow us on Facebook: