Good Bye Tokyo

Good BYE Tokyo – at this point I didn’t know I was coming back!
My plan was to go to Takayama and from there I didn’t really know where to go, but intended to stay in the mountains until I had to be in Nirasaki, Yamanashi, on Saturday for TMR and “Cloud Nine”!
I had a small piece of tiny HOPE that someone would like to join me for Miyavi as special guest at a club in Tokyo, but so far people had no time, no money or both!
Or rather it was inconvenient too because Miyavi’s live was scheduled very late and in Roppongi.
I can be pretty daring, and do a lot of things on my own which I hope I have shared through this blog, but clubbing in Roppongi alone around midnight alone, when not speaking Japanese and not drinking sake is NOT one of the things I honestly wanted to do.