Friday the 13th at 浦和ナルシス

Friday the 13th at 浦和ナルシス

so I’m back in Tokyo, and it’s time to kick’start this blog a little again.
I arrived Sunday April 8th after a loooong flight from Sydney and Singapore.
I must say I was nervous re-entering Japan, and I had prepared a lot of documents in case they wanted to hear more about my purpose for staying in Japan.

One of these documents is my Business License … yeah you heard it right..

There will be some changes around here and this blog will continue as a little
“travel and rock blog”, but most of the core music stuff will move to the new site/portal that I’m working on.
Besides the Pink Spider Web site (the name of my business) I will do web sites for bands and also continue to free lance write about the Rock Scene in Japan.
Morever will I reconnect with my prior life and hold presentations and talks about web presence on an international stage.
There are many hurdles to overcome, and I wil try to muster up as much patience, and understanding as I can.
After all I’m a foreigner here… and need to understand and respect the fact that I cannot just push my way in, but need to listen and take it with a huge portion of patience.
BUT my goal, my dream, and my business has started and it is time to CELEBRATE!!
That’s also why I think this Photo of YuI blowing fire is such a suitable headline picture!
Celebration, Fire, Energy, Passion, rock….. m/
Btw maybe shouldn’t point this out for you… but I think it’s amazing symbolism with the dragon and YuI blowing this fire together….

Coming schedule include DIE-san tomorrow night at Club Sensation in Yokohama.
Then Vagu*Project again already on Thursday at 新宿RUIDO K4
Sunday 4-21 Kiss the World

so the coming week is pretty much DIE and Vagu*Project taking turns LOL
Now the sad news are that I lost my camera in the US. And I need to get a new one… the vids from last night are totally unacceptable in sound quality, so hopefully beginning next week I can get a new one with my limited budget.

Oh and I have moved… I am no longer in Sangubashi (T.T) I miss it and think I will reconsider moving back there this fall.
I am now up in the more Northern parts of Tokyo. For those of you who like to pin me down.. put in Nishinippori, Tokyo, Japan in the google map search bar and I’m about 15 minutes of walking away from the JR station.
Actually in about an hour I will move again, but this time only up in the same building from 2nd floor to 8th. The traffic noise down here is unbearable….
Good thing with being up here is that I’m closer to Phoe-Lo, actually very close ha ha ha and close to Nishi-Nippori station which is on Yamanote so it’s fairly easy to get around.
Let’s FIRE away…..