Feelings are often symbolized with water …
So it FEELS natural to back up a little and go back to where my thoughts
and mind are right now!
I might physically be sitting in a hotel lobby in Kitakami, Iwate prefecture,
but my feelings are still here by this moving water at the Cannon temple in Kamakura.
A lot has happened since I arrived in Japan a little over a week ago!
I didn’t plan for anything particular to happen,
especially not on an emotional level, but I must admit it, J
apan has done it again: MOVED me!
This time I feel awakened and feel so much LOVE springing up from within.
I’m not prepared for this and somehow sitting here with absolutely
no one to talk to and absolutely nothing else to do,
but being online from my phone (this might be a good thing!).
There is only wi-fi in the hotel lobby, so I don’t want to go up to the room.
Alone again, my feelings and thoughts become very, very LOUD,
and I cannot surpress them or ignore them.
It doesn’t mean I think towards a goal, or have some solution,
or that I figured out what to do with my life,
but it gives me at least moments to reflect upon life,
and friends and PURPOSE …
Do I have one?
I believe I do!
I just need to find it.