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Here you will find artists we are currently working with, we have worked with in the past,
or other artists we like to promote for other reasons, such as they have been or
will be a guest on our Podcast.
“What Matters Most to You?”

bokurano fune ボクラノ


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Åsa Rydman
Wangan Sheep 湾岸の羊

Akhil Sajan, India

Anirudh Deshmukh, India

AURA, Japan

The Beers ザ・ビールス, Japan

BLADE™, Japan

bokurano fune ボクラノ

CHRX, Sweden

DAZZLE! / デジール, Japan


The Elected Officials, USA

Eve 이브 , S.Korea

Fredric Mourath, Sweden

Harappa, Japan

Hardboiled Extacy, Japan

Hiroyo & Hiroyo Trio with Chune (HTC), Japan

Holiday Shot / 장호일밴드 , S.Korea

HY$TERIC$, S.Korea

Jelly Oshen, Australia

JIU, Japan

Joey Grace, USA


Kenji Okahira 岡平健治 / 3B LAB。☆ , Japan

Kerbera, Sweden

MDC – Millions of Dead Cops, USA

Mischa, USA

Novembervägen, Sweden

Pat Reilly, USA

PUNiK, Japan

Reds – みんなのレッズ, Japan

RTRS – Rich The Rock Star, USA

Sykotic Tendencies, USA

Tamela Hedstrom, Sweden / Costa Rica

Thomson Andrews, India

月宵 /Tsukiyoi , Japan

Vagu*Project, Japan

Vaiwatt, Japan

Vajra, USA

Vorchaos, Japan

Wangan Sheep, 湾岸の羊 , Japan

Yenny Yuka, Canada

YETI, Canada & SE Asia

Åsa Rydman, Sweden

666 – Three Six, Japan