Eventually I dd meet up with Jonathan!I really messed it up though because I had forgotten we had agreed on meeting at Shinjuku station, and I guess I was in a state of that well known “First-time-in-Tokyo-paralyzation”…
Would I even find the coin locker in the underground station maze again?
Jonathan was kind enough to come to me, and after some initial confusion regarding each other’s location he came to my rescue and we even managed (with the aid of the photos I took) to find my baggage again.
We took the Keio line out west to their apartment in Bubaigawara (Fuchu) in western Tokyo.
There we met up with his girlfriend Ami, and went out to eat, and by now it was raining.
A typhoon was approaching Tokyo.
It would be a VERY WET week end!
On the other hand, the weather took away all my internal ‘pressures’ of seeing EVERYTHING one MUST see while in Tokyo…