Every day is filled with enlightenments.
Today I discovered that the writing process in itself
is the true healing process;
Not because I’m learning about my recent past,
but instead, how I can improve the future.
Not because I will be able to change to such a degree,
that I wont make any mistakes ever again,
but because I am becoming aware
that we all share the responsibility
for the past, present and future.
The true healing is really forgiving,
both forgiving myself,
and forgiving others,
and letting go.
Each one of us,
have our own pace and path
and we cannot rush anyone else to
I know today
I am not alone…
Next, I wish I could come to terms with
the rationale behind human short-comings
for that, writing a book won’t suffice,
only living my life
can help me see.
Sparkles & Love


April 2013