Presenting E N S O to the world

So what’s in a name?

What’s with a band called E N S O?
Ensō: 円相 “circle”, is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.
The Ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). It is characterised by a minimalism born of Japanese aesthetics.

E N S O is exactly this …Music… borderless, timeless, friendship, joy, happiness…
The four members are not only immensely talented but they radiate a joy that is contagious and they share with us a feeling of togetherness that surpasses time and place…
and creates friendship
Friendship, Togetherness and Peace is what this band is all about
E N S O’s members:
Reds☆ (Vo.)  Yuichiro Szk (Gu.)  TAKAHIRO (Ba.)  西田’Ryu’竜一 (Dr.)
are all so talented and all so kind, The Pink Spider Web is convinced that you will really love them too!

Reds☆, with the divine voice, and a past from the successful band AURA and big hits like “Are You Dreaming Now?” and “Smile&Smile” have appeared many times previously here in the Live Feed. He also is currently singing in the acoustic band Clutch and plays Guitar in 湾岸の羊
There will be more on Clutch coming up here in the Live Feed
Clutch next live will be at MELODIA Tokyo at ACTION! 2 August 15

Yuichiro Szk is a young, very talented guitarist. Word class guitarist and He can be seen at Koenji Showboat August 6 together with  西田”Ryu”竜一 , 満園庄太郎  and 石川雄也
Yuichiro reminds me a lot of Kyoji Yamamoto, not only in playing style and talent, but also in personality. Kind and smiling!

TAKAHIRO  on bass is not only the band’s bassist (from Re:VIBE) but also talented designer and organizer, and the list is even longer; add skills such as arranger, composer, programmer and producer .. so truly a member of that beautiful creativity that flows from stage when E N S O is performing

西田’Ryu’竜一  last but not least is the band’s drummer. A history of awesome drumming behind him and yet so up to date. Drumming in the past with Action, Gackt and more, and is currently drumming in Ra:IN, the band formed by PATA (Gu. X-Japan )
He is a favorite drummer of The Pink Spider Web; just check out his amazing handling of the sticks in the video below!!

I can probably flood this with superlatives about E N S O and I am SURE you will hear more about them. This is just the beginning with these 4 talents who has formed an amazing band, founded on Japanese values of kindness and peace, combined with musical skill at a very high level!

Check them out!
Next live performance will be at
Club Sensation
September 19
For info and google map link to Club Sensation:
More Links below!


Rock the “SHOW”boat

ENSO - Reds -Photos by Y.Watanabe



Ryu - Photo by Y.Watanabe







 Yuichiro Szk 

ENSO - Yuichiro -Photos by Y.Watanabe

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