DAZZLE! at 大塚 Hearts+ 11-13-2012

DAZZLE! デジール  at 大塚 Hearts+ November 13, 2012

Here they are again… DAZZLE!
Have you become bedazzled yet? 

Guess I have…. I had many photos this time that were especially suitable for a posterization filter. So quite a few images are posterized like this one above.
Also this time I was standing closer to ATSUMI (bass) so I hope you don’t mind a bunch of photos of the sweet and cool looking ATSUMI. 

This November 13 evening at 大塚 Hearts+  also hosted the single release of a band called 
and I will post some about them right after the DAZZLE! photos.
It was also an evening with a ind of funky mix, in that the styles/genre of the performing artists varied a lot!!
 O.A GURIGULA (アコースティック) / GE3Kroid / Toshiya(共存)/ dibs /   DAZZLE / Crow×Class~黒鴉組~  / GURIGULA 

GE3Kroid – A cool DJ with really nice light show and performing in white which really makes a nice visual impact… and ha ha talking visual impact… he is a good looking guy and he did well getting people pumped up… It’s impossible NOT to move your body when he is blasting it out…. 
You can listen to his sounds here on Sound Cloud: 

I’m sure that the Tokyo Club Scene will enjoy his performances next year. When I talked to him that seems to be his plan for 2013!
I will introduce the others from November 13 as I go along here….