CYCLONE at 新宿 Live Freak

FUN foto to illustrate that music is movement… emotional movement… (almost a tautology there…)

This night June 2, 2012 was a 3 man live with an OA

Cyclone / 美女丸BAND / TURBINES DRIVE / Glare Obscuritas /

is what is said on Live Freak’s Web site… which was true but backwards…order was the reverse of this….

OA was Glare Obscuritas

I just caught the end of their last song pretty much, so I will not write anything about them.

The first thing that struck me and Phoe-Lo tonight, as odd, or maybe not odd but different from many other Live House gigs we have been to, was the audience. As I wrote about DENIAL’s performance below at Shibuya Star Lounge for example.. the audience there was somehow homogenous. Overall nicely dressed and behaved like a group. This is a feeling Phoe-Lo and  often get at LIVEs, maybe partially due because it makes us stick out even more as often being the only gaijins….

Well, tonight it was different. At first I couldn’t really pinpoint what it was. Were they inconsiderate? Were they more mixed in terms of gender? or Age?

Somehow it was all of the above and then some….. It’s kind of an awkward feeling when the first thing you realize is that an audience is different from what you are used to. Tried to shake that feeling off me and pay attention to the first band up in this “3 man Live”

First band up was Turbines Drive… and yes the photo above is not with them, nor below…. because i didn’t take any….