CUTT  @cuttjapan and taka video from CUTT-san’s Youtube channel “cuttube01”

タカット de SHOW!! vol.3 ダイジェスト

As much as this gives an idea of the similar event I wrote about below (Friday May 11 at Shimokitazawa RéG)
… it doesn’t truly do their voices, nor their music, justice.
Reality by far beats this video (no offense to CUTT this video is perfectly fine!!),
BUT it definitely gives you an idea!
AND it definitely shows the smiles, the charisma and the fun these to artists radiates in all they do.

I like stuff they do together… I really do!

CUTT’s own comment to this video is:
This is a digest movie of “TAKUTT de SHOW vol.3” performed by TAKA (defspiral / Montage.) and CUTT.