Continuing where I  took off…

here is a video with CYCLONE from this Saturday night in Shinjuku, to give you as music background while you read on about the 3 MAN LIVE at Live Freak 

so the first band in the 3 MAN LIVE was Turbines Drive and as I wrote below I didn’t take any photos. Me and Phoe-Lo were still somewhat confused on the floor, and with the at times annoying audience, so it was hard for me to get into that photo taking mode, but I looked and listened really closely to Turbines Drive 


Three guys with the two in front having long and curly hair, that made some really cool light effects when their hair blew in the air on stage….

Takanaga  – Drums and Chorus

KJ.Y. – Vocals and Bass

Sam – Guitar

They certainly sported the rest of the ROCKing look as well, with the bassist in Zebra patterned pants. The slinky shirts and well together with their hair-do’s there was no doubt that these guys like to ROCK and from  a special time period and genre as well! 😛 My first thought was like… hmm a little boring… or wait I actually think I’m confused… it’s the audience… 

KJ.Y really tried to get them going with HEYs! and Yeahs! and with almost a cheer leeding enthusiasm… but no… no reaction… the closest 2 meters from the stage weren’t even occupied by anyone. Listening a little closer, paying a little more attention,  found nothing really wrong with what they were doing, but something was lacking. They weren’t really lacking skill, they were cheerful and had goo d performance skills… they weren’t maybe the best I’ve heard but they weren’t bad either. Their songs weren’t really taking off either… it was as if everything was a tad constrained…

but maybe yes, I think it was a tad plain. Or was it the audience…?

Then after Turbines Drive,  Sakagawa came on stage and the totally AWESOME vocalist 氏神一番 (on photo below).

So yes, compared with 美女丸BAND the TURBINES DRIVE just didn’t make the cut into the same league. If they had offered something unique, then maybe it would have worked to their advantage, but they didn’t…. hence it stopped at ‘plain’.. but yeah they looked cool on stage LOL However, in music looks can only take you so far, cheer leading and stage performance too…. if you have some skills, but your music doesn’t have that kick…maybe you should reconsider being on stage right before people like Sakagawa LOL

 I recall a LIVE that I went to back in January at Shimokitazawa Shelter, when a band played right before grace period. They weren’t THAT bad, but the contrast between them and grace period became so sharp that I was thinking ‘why did they even play on a stage before practicing at home’?  I did NOT however think that WHILE they were playing, BUT when grace period went up then the first band’s performance got reevaluated and definitely descended on the quality ladder…

Think something like that happened here as well. When I read the notes I wrote while they were playing it wasn’t that bad… it was OK… ( yes , not more, but still OK none the less). Then when美女丸BAND entered the stage and especially maybe when氏神一番 started singing in full Kabuki outfit... well then the band before suddenly got reevaluated and unfortunately not to their advantage. 

I have said this before, and  will repeat myself now, that nothing is harder to write about than to write about when you go to a concert or performance and you aren’t quite liking it. Because I do believe that I am also a victim of my own preferences.  I also really dislike giving artists a bad rep especially if they are doing a good gig and it’s more of a genre preference.

More soon about CYCLONE who is the band in the video SOON….