Everyone’s Feelings are Here

Coming here was one of the few things I had planned ahead of time.
That said, I didn’t give it much thought ahead of time, what to do once here,
more than the ‘mission’ I was on, the call to go here:
Bringing the star with the greetings from Michie!
I sure hope she will be able to come here herself one day, but if not,
at least the message from her is with hide,
and brought here with a heart filled with joy of being able to do that for her and for hide.
It’s so difficult to convey the serene sense and presence I felt up here,
surrounded by soo many many tears, and feelings of separation that occurs when people die.
All the ‘why’s?’ and no answers, echo in the immense cemetery.
No matter where you look, all directions point to death…
For me, as a Buddhist, I get a bold and strong reminder of both suffering but also the constant cycle of birth and death and birth and…
How we react to death is a produced reality, not the ‘truth’…
The sadness, the “Endless Rain,” the “Misery” , the “Silent Jealousy”, the Roses of PAIN … Aren’t real.. for real..
it was a wonderful place for contemplation!