BUCK-TICK Razzle Dazzle Zepp Tokyo Dec 8, 2011 

LIVE music and CONCERT blogging just isn’t very visually appealing anymore!
One has to come up with ways to Illustrate the show without having a single photo or video from the actual SHOW.
Why this is….well now that is a totally another blog discussion, and I wont write about it tonight
BUT that said… this SIGN on the wall is what we are left with….
and yeah sure some hearts and stars and sparkles on it…. 


The Razzle Dazzle tour and album has these hearts and sparkels as its own little branding… the Merch and T-shirts where all filled with hearts, stars and sparkles too. Now that isn’t really all that BUCK-TICKish for me so I guess I really have to rethink BUCK-TICK for tonight…

OK so now I have been home for a while and think I have some clearer understanding of what I experienced and my reactions to it

First of ALL, As a foundation I want you all to know 
I also find all of them very attractive, yes each one, not just Sakurai Atsushi, even though he is probably as close to perfect any man can come, when it comes to pure visual impact.
Or at least so it has been in MY VIEW…

What is noteworthy when it comes to their physical attraction is that it is not USED in their performance at all. There is no running around bare or semi-naked on stage to show skin for the audience. 
This audience knows there stuff!! Really impressive, but also an advantage of venues such as Zepp, where you can really feel close enough to the stage and really be tight with the others in the audience.
Zepp Tokyo has a total capacity of just under 3000 people with almost all of them being 1F and standing and second floor abt 300 seats.
In tis case being in the middle of the crowds… felt good…. I was standing with my friend Phoe-Lo and a lovely NEW found friend Lili from Brazil, center stage and pretty close without being really CLOSE up.
I felt like every song carried me and entered through my subcutaneous skin, all the way to my BONES and my HEART!

It feels good to be part of a group that ‘sings’ along, because even so,
still it is ATSUSHI you hear, and the voices on the floor are more like added BLOOD in the veins, added HEART and admiration. It’s not quite like sing-a-long anyway….ha ha
First ting that struck me was how young the audience was. I didn’t know what I expected, but thinking of BUCK-TICK’s age and HOW long they have been doing this together, I really thought it would be an older crowd, but maybe that explains why they can keep this up. They have managed to attract new fans. Fans that are razzled and dazzled in hearts and sparkles, and not indulging in anti-wrinkle serums like Rolling Stones fans are for the most part. ( now I will probably have to come up with a really good defense when angry younger Stones fans are revving up against me …)

Expectations… well you all know that I had very HIGH expectations for the evening, and I feel; rightly so. After all this band has managed to produce some amazing songs over the years! They are definitely one of my top 5 favorite bands.. tis list is DYNAMIC by the way… so I have days when BUCK-TICK is number one and others when X is and yet others when … yeah you get the picture…
and NO hide is not on the list… he cannot be Because he just IS…. so he is like outside of the listing service OK?
Same with my new found LOVE for Vagu*Project but for another reason… and we will return to them another day….

My expectations were however, as stated before, slightly lowered because Razzle Dazzle songs aren’t really all my kind, my references… they feel a tad to streamlined, too unexploring and a little bit uneventful at least compared with other BUCK-TICK music, maybe NOT compared globally to other bands and genres.
AND that again is whats great with BUCK-TICK, the have such a huge discography and have varied greatly over the years, so there is something there for everyone to be infatuated by. GO AHEAD fall in LOVE!

My expectations of them as LIVE performers were however VERY HIGH, as every LIVE video I have seen, and everyone I have talked to who has been to a BUCK-TICK performance, have said the same thing ——-


OK cool I mean I have seen some great LIVE perfomers lately, and Im sure BUCK-TICK is up there with X-Japan, MUCC, Takanori Nishikawa  and Kuroyume to name a few…
Also knowing that they have been together for so long, I was definitely harboring some HIGH expectations when it comes to their stage presence and performing ability.

yeah … I guess by now you can feeeeeeeel the

B and the U and the T coming….

BUT yeah this is where I got disappointed.  No real talk, no real joking around with the audience, not evening mentioning the quake that postponed this show, no …  no .. nothing….
but yet so utterly perfect in every sense that it was bordering boring….

At least the first half or so… in my mind I was telling myself,
“NO ANNA you promised yourself you would not regret going to see BUCK-TICK LIVE just because it is RAZZLE-DAZZLE, and just because Vagu*Project has a LIVE at NARCISS the same evening…. Just Do NOT think it that way!! It is not CONSTRUCTIVE thinking.

OK so it wasn’t totally boring, it was actually just perfect, and they are such a UNIT on stage which surprised me too.
On TV shows and interviews, I have noticed that they are a GROUP, a team and Atsushi’s role is often down played, but in many videos (my only reference since I have never been to Japan prior to this year) he is really fronted
his VOICE is amazing, his looks astonishing, so no wonder… but I was REALLY happy to see how they were ONE unit on stage. More so than MANY other groups I have seen. Way more than X-Japan, and way more than L’Arc~en~CIel for example. They all still comes across as awesome individuals jamming together and doing it damn well..
BUCK-TICK members however took turns…it was like a BODY that wouldn’t function with ALL its parts. 
even the way the drums are set up, not in the back but as the pair in the back like a FULL HOUSE… yeah the were formed like a 5 member FIELD with Atsushi center front really playing around all the other four and sometimes almost disappearing from stage while the other four instead got closer. Toll and Imai on one side as back and front and U-taand hide on the other


   X    X     X

And I think this was so wonderful and so professional and soooo PERFECT to see them being all teamed up like this and yet… so utterly predictable and bordering boring.
It really felt as if they were coming up on stage using 25 years of experience and doing there thing knowing already that they would win the ‘competition’ out of just pure experience and perfection.

Gosh I read this now and it seems like I am all negative, doesn’t it?

GOOD because that is what I felt the first half or so... THEN something happened. I dont know, or I cannot recall which song it was, but suddenly it felt like they all snapped out of their well rehearsed performance and connected with the audience.
yeah the jumping started… The real times started…..
I WAS A BIG SMILE all over my face and turned around to look at Phoe-Lo… and sure enough her facial expression had also turned around 180 degrees,
It is now 4 am, not that it matters really, because Im often up late, but I really feel like taking a break here. My eye lids are too heavy to be comfortable, and I want to be able to type and post without reading everything over a zillion times ha ha so I’m going to bed for a little while. There is a little surprise nothing major and not really good but I have something to blog tomorrow…. 
ha ha that si my way of saying STAY TUNED!