赤坂BLITZ  Stylish Wave Generation Vol. 2 , May 13th, 2012

YES, I am working on the blog from last night…but

starting a little backwards (as I tend to do sometimes) After the Visual Kei Live
with the great line up of
Penicillin, DNR (from Italy), Royz, 
葵 & 涼平, ギルガメッシュ (Girugamesh)
and Alice Nine
Phoe-Lo and I went to  take the Tokyo Metro home.
And just like after VRock fest at Saitama and after many other bigger concerts, you see band members handing out flyers to the departing audience. This audience is also their own target…

I’m always impressed by bands who are out there themselves, putting their name out, doing the leg work, and last night outside BLITZ in the Tokyo metro were band members from 2 bands handing out flyers.

I will try to go to their lives.
‘Naine’ has a few clips on their website that sounds ok,
and I liked what I just listened to on Youtube by ‘Triggah’, ..

for ex

I just think this shows dedication and passion for what they do, plus I think it’s a smart way of marketing. At Lives in Live houses you get drowned by posters and flyers all bundled up in a big giant pile that don’t even fit in my quite big purse (Which in itself is a pain to carry around ha ha )
and I would probably be able to fill a whole closet with flyers by now…

Same at BLITZ  last night, got a big plastic bags with flyers and stuff… and honestly I rarely go through it ALL, but meeting someone like this,
handing out their own stuff.. I definitely take time and look at it! 

May 26th ‘Triggah’ at 池袋 EDGE
and ‘Naine’ May 21st coincidently at the same place
Might not be able to do both (Monday 21st might be a little tricky schedule wise)
but I will try.
If anyone of you know more about any of them please let me know…