BLADE at Club Sensation

Blog is now totally moved from the tumblr site here to “The Pink Spider Web”!
Due to this move and the development of the site, there will be a little ‘gap’ in time.
This is also partially due to Anna’s health issues this winter.
However NOW is the TIME!!!

Today is the GRAND OPENING of the site!

For now, as you can see, only the BLOG menu is OPEN!
Some pages on web site will state:

“You are required to log in to view this page”.
BUT this is just because it is a way for us to keep certain pages locked
until development of the portal is finished,
BUT meanwhile please enjoy the blog!

ウェブサイトのいくつかのページでは、「You are required to login to view this page(このページを見るためにはログインが必要です。)」とページ閲覧にログインを求められますが、これらのページはサイト全体の構築が終るまで未公開のページとなっています。

I hope you will be happy with the new place and follow the vibes on the Pink Spider Music Web!

Here’s BLADE….. first a video…